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3 Amazing Things About Pakistani Culture

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. So, let’s drop every perception that you have come across about Pakistan and move forward with a fresh perspective. As you do that, we can promise one thing, if you come here, you would not shy away from owning this place or your trip. We can start with 3 pointers on why you should try visiting Pakistan at least once to put all your assumptions and misconceptions to rest.

We know how to treat guests

Pakistanis are one of the most hospitable people you will ever come across. The fact that they have such strong ties with their families and are accustomed to live together gives them a beautiful trait of accepting people. These strong ties root from the cultural and religious background of Pakistanis. You can meet with strangers on the roads and they will go out of their way to help you with whatever you need and show you the way. 

The music here is breathtaking

Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful valley while listening to the most heartfelt tunes. Peaceful, right? This is something that you can experience in Pakistan. Just like the people, the music also offers a huge diversity and has the most calming effect in most of the tunes. People here enjoy sufi music a lot which is just beyond the lyrics. Anyone can get lost in the rhythm and the essence of it. 

You can experience the most skillful craftsmanship

The traditional techniques of Pakistan are famous for their unique aesthetics and beautiful motifs. The colors used in most of these techniques reflect on the strong cultural and traditional history. Most of the traditional techniques like the embroideries, Ajrak, Ralli, Tye and Dye, Sussi are enjoyed and celebrated as an activity where all of the women of the community get together and carry out different projects. 

This is just a starting point to keep your research and curiosity going. 

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