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5 Must have Home Décor Accessories

The most fun part of getting into a new space is to decorate it with the things you love and with which you feel most comfortable. Keeping in mind the latest trends, one should grab the stuff which has the power to transform a space while keeping the comfort alive.

Here is a list of top 5 accessories which are not only essential for any space but also create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance:

Decorative Cushions

Cushions are probably the most commonly used accessory that give a cozy feeling in any kind of setting. Different types of decorative cushions are used on chairs, sofas, benches or even on the bed with complementary pillows. They not only make a space feel comfortable but also make it more modern and stylish.

Small Rugs & Mats

To add a feel of warmth beneath your feet, this is the perfect choice to add to your home space. There is a lot to explore in terms of colors, patterns, designs and styles. It can be used as a front door mat, a small rug or even a stylish bath mat.


Vases go way back and were initially used for storing food, medicine, oils and water. But now they are used as a home décor element and are made of ceramic, wood or glass. Filled with fresh or synthetic flowers, they add value and beauty to an empty looking space.


Another important element which has the quality to provide a spacious look is a mirror. Add mirrors to your home décor and you will see the magic happening. You can use these beauties not only to look at yourself but also, they have the capacity to make your space twice its original size. Place a mirror across a window and it will bring more natural light and brighten up the space.


Love for nature is the most important and popular trend we have seen lately. People are getting closer to nature by adding plants in their spaces. It not only adds to the beauty but also gives a fresh feeling and serve as cleaning agent for the air. Plants also help in decreasing stress, lightening up the mood and they also help stimulate creativity in an individual.

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