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Ajrak: A Symbol of Teamwork and Unity


Ajrak has to be one of the most famous and the most recognizable traditional techniques of Pakistan. We have seen it around as inspiration for so many collections from our local designers. Rooted in Sindh, this technique is way more than a collection of motifs. 

Besides the fact that it has been passed through generations of artisans as means of bread and butter, ajrak is a symbol of team work and unity. It is no less than the crops we harvest that are dependent on a number of conditions including the weather and the availability of certain ingredients. The whole community gets together to make sure the dyes are ready and the sun is up to help deepen the colors and strengthen the bonds. 

The famous technique that is followed throughout the making of ajrak is block printing. The motifs are mostly geometric and detailed. The blocks are made out of wood and most of the designs have been the same through the decades. 

With a bit of evolution in the designs and a better product development strategy, Ajrak has the potential to make wonders.   

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