An essenial pillar of any community, it’s artisans are a reflection of where it comes from and all it stands for. Artisans not only have a number of skills that we can learn from, they also are the best example of making the most out of whats available. 

Jugnu Saddaf from Khairpur, Sindh runs a group consisting of 38 women for IHT. Jugnu Saddaf’s father is a laborer and she is able to contribute to the household through her income. She is a student of Intermediate and her additional income also helps her in carrying out her studie

Jugnu Mumtaz, from Bahawalpur South Punjab comes from a family of professional singers. She didn’t wish to follow the profession and wanted to do something respectful. She has been enabled by IHT to start a centre where 25 other women from poor families work with her