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Chunri: The Hues of Hard work

Just like Ajrak from Sindh, Chunri is a tie and dye technique from Punjab that has its own share in the local market. Mostly used in the form of a stole (Dupatta), chunri has vibrant colors and is also a mark of teamwork. Chunri making is an elaborate process and is dependent on a number of factors. These factors vary from the suitable weather conditions to the availability of the natural dyes. 

The chunri making process starts from making small knots in different areas of the fabric that is supposed to be dyed. These knots vary in number and size depending on the design. The knots are meant to create a negative space in the areas that are not supposed to absorb the dye. After the knots are done, the fabric is dipped in to a dye and is absorbed in the fabric.

The fabric is then left to dry and during this process, the knots remain on the fabric. After the fabric is fully dried, this is when the knots are untied and the negative spaces create beautiful designs. 

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