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Color Trends 2019

Colors have the power to make or break a design or a setting in just one glance. This makes them to be one of the most important elements of any composition. Hence, designers can be differentiated from a lay man on how polished or refined their aesthetics are.

Below is a set of some of the trending colors for 2019 which consists of soft hues as well as bold ones to cover choice of every individual:

Hunter Green

Hunter green is an earthy tone full of energy and is one of the most attractive colors of all times. Referred mostly as “evergreen” this color is full of life and works best with the natural elements in an interior setting. It has a transitional power that makes it a versatile element and therefore, it can be used against wood, cement walls, furniture and accessories.


This color can never go out of style because it complements the general tones that are used in most of home décor. This hue has a distinct quality to brighten up spaces and catch light which makes it the perfect center piece.  

Living Coral

Coming from the family of orange and pink, this color got the most attention in 2019 and is also the color of the year. Living coral look beautiful in all settings especially the interiors that are based on a minimal theme. 

Muted Pastels

The word pastel gives a sense of soft and pale while keeping the personality of the color intact.  Because of an additional amount of white color in pastels, these hues are considered minimalistic, serene and peaceful. Adding these subtle hues in any setting can give it a soft and airy look.

New Blues

Looking for something different? This is the color palette which one should definitely consider. Adding just a perfect amount of color in interiors can uplift the entire space. This range of colors  ideally works with a room where there is abundance of natural light.

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