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Creating 3D Characters from neglected objects

A creative’s work is a reflection of their soul. We couldn’t agree more with this one. Farah Asad is, without any doubt, one of the most creative and skillful designers we have come across. She represents the potential of our local creative community. 

Farah Asad is a graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore. She speaks through her art. For her, art in itself is a world of expression. Besides making characters digitally and traditionally, she also makes 3D whimsical characters from neglected objects so they become likable and noticed. In Farah’s words, “you can become whatever you want, no one has the right to discourage you. It’s ok if you initially make no sense at all”.

Every piece she makes has a beautiful story behind it and we are obsessed with all of them. Get to know her better through her Instagram and we can bet, you are in for a creative treat

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