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Creativity and Art: A Way of Being

For some of us, creativity and art are a matter of profession or may be a hobby. But, for others, art is a part of who they are. Farzana has to be the best example of such people. 

In her own words, “Art is the soul of my imagination and I love to convert objects into pieces of art. I have engaged myself into sketching, drawing and painting for as long as I can remember”. Her love for art and creativity is the reason why she chose textile designing as a profession. This has given her a different perspective on the detail of design and fabric making. As she states, due to her studies, she has also found a new interest in print making. She takes inspiration usually form Historic events, Mythology, Timeworn Art and Architecture. This helps her carve a story behind everything that she makes.

“Textile products and paintings are my main focus and I am always interested in the implementation of these techniques into products”. She is one of the brightest local designers on Pakistan and you can follow some of her work here: Mughal miniature and the magnificent poetery of Molana Rumi

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