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Creativity and Traditions can ensure a better economy for Pakistan

After running blindly towards technology for a decade, we now live in a tech savvy world that is trying to find a balance between technology and normalcy. The first step should be to get the people who have been left far behind, to catch up with the rest of us. There is nothing more dangerous for any economy than having a large part of its population ignorant towards the technological and social developments.

By helping the underprivileged communities with catching up, we can open a lot of opportunities for people to come together and help improve our economy. There are more than 150,000 people who belong to one creative sector or the other and are looking to increase their income and use their craft to create better lives for their families. These creative communities include the designers, artisans, traditional brands, artists, architects etc. 

The more surprising part of the matter is that women make 85% of the 150,000 people. This means that by empowering the creative sector, we can add a whole new sector to the labor force. 

Research also shows that women tend to spend 80% of their income on their families and the education of their children. So, by empowering the creative community, we also ensure a better future for the families of the 150,00 people. 

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