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Hurmutch: A Vibrant Embroidery technique

Famously known as the darning stitch in some other parts of the world, Hurmutch is a popular stitch originated in Sindh and is one of the most complicated embroidery stitches. It is a type of filling stitch and with the right use of colors and aesthetics can give any fabric a beautiful and elegant finish. The detailed embroidery technique is based on four basic stitches and is done on different materials. 

The motifs that are used as the base have been passed through generations and are the bigger part of what makes the technique local. These motifs are usually geometric in order to support the patter of the embroidery. The motifs are imprinted on the fabric through block printing. These blocks are carved in different patterns and are kept for the initial process called “Chapa”. The most beautiful example of Hurmutch can be seen on leather. It goes with leather so well because of the colors of the threads that are used in making the embroidery. The vibrant colors make the leather stand out and give the finished product a cool new look. 

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