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Indus Heritage Trust: Reviving Pakistan’s Arts and Craft Heritage

Founded in 2004, Indus Heritage Trust is an Organization that preserves and promotes the rich traditional arts and craft of Pakistan. Their aim is to apply innovative initiatives to support the artisan community and to evoke the patriotic sentiment attached with heritage art and craft. 
IHT acts as a management and delivery organization for the development of the “creative industry” in Pakistan. Through its projects, IHT aims to significantly increase the livelihood of Pakistani artisans. 

They have been running several projects and initiatives in order to bring about a social impact where the women artisans of the backward areas  are enabled to support themselves and their families. The products are mostly available through different local and international exhibitions and festivals that allow the organization to bring attention to the intricate embroideries and crafts of the artisans of Pakistan a huge audience. These products are focused on creating a change where the quality of the products is improved and the artisans get better wages and regular work. 

You can find some of their cushions here.

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