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Is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan?

If you look at the internet ranking, Pakistan is ranked as one of the most high-risk areas to travel in the world. This ranking has actually stopped a lot of tourists in the past from coming to Pakistan. But lately, a huge number of foreigners have been visiting the country. Apart from the rich culture, the beautiful mountains and the classic heritage sites, the people of Pakistan have a lot to offer when it comes to being the best hosts. Every city has its own flavor, be it the food or the culture and that gives the tourists a lot to explore. 

The fact that Pakistan has been a part of the British Raj at one point gives the country an amazing stand point when it comes to architecture and history. The good news for a lot of people would be that its really cheap for folks from most of the countries to travel here. The food and the accommodation, although varies on a huge scale, but is mostly affordable. The ultimate treat for any tourist would be to go up north in the mountains and explore the beauty of the people and the culture there. There are communities here that cannot be found anywhere else in the world like the Kalash community. Although around 3,200 in number, these people are some of the only ones who can still speak greek, the lauguage of Alexander the great. What more could you ask for, right?

We say, just do your research and come visit us. We promise, it will be worth the jetlag. 

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