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Kalash: A Community Facing Extinction

Constituting of around 3,200 people, the Chitral District of KPK harbors a beautiful community with a unique cultural History: The Kalasha. With many communities that hold their culture and traditions extremely close, Kalasha are people with rituals and folklores dating back to the times of ancient Greece. They have a deep and spiritual bond with nature and their faith also revolves around the different offerings of nature. Their language is known as Kalasha-mun and is linked with the really old Indo-Aryan Languages. 

They are famous for their unique festivals. The three main festivals of the Kalash are the Chilam Joshi in middle of May, the Uchau in autumn, and the Caumus in midwinter. The festivities revolve around the graceful dances, sacrifices and singing. 

They have a distinct attire that sets them apart and makes them one of the surviving communities that still celebrate their culture and traditions so closely. The civilization of Kalash is preserved under one roof in Brun: Bumburet vally. It is an ethnological museum of the Kalash community, initiated and facilitated by the citizens of Greece. Nearby is a government-run archaeological museum.

They are also known for their traditional handicrafts that sell globally and are really famous for their unique finished products and colors. 

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