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Mohenjodaro – A Mound of Dead People

Amongst the other ancient archeological sites in Pakistan, Mohenjodaro is one with the most intriguing and rich history. Although, the original name of this barren city is unknown, the name “Mohenjodaro” fits perfectly to what is left of it. There is a certain haunt and curiosity whenever we listen to the stories that are attached to this place. 

It’s been said that this was one of the most “ahead of its time” civilizations. Known as one of the trade hubs, most of it is now buried under water during the big part of the year. Built in the 26thcentury BCE, this part of the region made one of the largest cities of the Indus Valley Civilization. Due to the absence of any kind of authentic documentation about the site, the information that we have is the result of the research and excavation done by the archeologists. Different statues and jewelry that has been recovered reflects that the people were advanced enough to know metal mixing and some of the other advance processes.

 The recoveries also determine that dancing was one important component of their culture. 

Currently, the site is extremely threatened due to the huge lack of restoration and the presence of saline waters. It’s been closed to any kind of mechanical exposure in order to keep the site secure and intact. 

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