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MYOF- Make Your Own Furniture: A Product Line by Particles

MYOF– Make Your Own Furniture– is the name of the Product Line developed by the Islamabad based design studioParticles. The brand is founded by a group of architects, interior designers and graphic designer making furniture aiming to fit the way we live today. All the products are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest quality in Pakistan. 

What makes them different is that they offer customization options for all the products. Changing color, material, size lets the customer decide according to his needs and make the piece their own. They have also created an Augmented Reality based App that will empower the buyer to see the product in his space before he buys it. 

We believe every space or item should have a character of its own; its presence should be seen and experienced. With the design team coming from architectural backgrounds, it’s only natural that the collections have a very close relationship to interior spaces. Every item is given attention to detail and the team works to form innovative and unusual combinations. 

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