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Pakistan: A Misunderstood Nation

Pakistan is perceived as one of the countries where the cities are undeveloped and people only use donkeys and carts as means of transport. Although, due to increased tourism and traveling, the image of Pakistan has changed to a huge extent but there is still a lot that need to be improved. Pakistan started with nothing in the beginning but it has made a lot of progress in the last few decades. This is due to the resilience of the people that reside here and make one of the most patriotic communities. 

There is a lot for any tourist visiting Pakistan to explore and see. From cultural history to architectural landmarks, the country is full of amazing sites. You can say that there is a huge spectrum of the kind of people that live here. There are some areas that still have a taste of the old Pakistan and are in fact famous for being vintage. However, the areas that are known for development and are the technological and innovation hubs like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi etc have everything that you could want to get the best city experience. 

These cities have the latest architecture, best places for food, enablers like incubators and accelerators for startups and the best educational institutions. So, one could say that Pakistan has a beautiful and diverse culture allowing you to experience all kinds of flavors. 

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