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Places to visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is considered as the second most beautiful capital on the planet and there is no surprise to that. The calm and clean environment, modern and well-developed infrastructure and the lush green setting make it one of the most interesting city for tourists. Below are some of the places to visit in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

Faisal Mosque

The most iconic structure of Islamabad, Faisal mosque is one of the largest mosques we have in Pakistan. The most interesting element is the architecture which is inspired by the Arabic tent with four minarets adding to its beauty and magnificence.

Lok Virsa

Lok virsa is a cultural and heritage museum which exhibits the unique lifestyles of the people of Pakistan. The museum has pieces of pottery, art, musical instruments, architectural relics and everything which depicts culture of a certain area. It also holds an annual mela (Festival) known as the “Lok Mela” where artisans and small business owners from all over Pakistan get together to showcase the traditional crafts of their respective regions.

Saidpur Village

Saidpur village has to be on your list if you are visiting Islamabad. Here, you can experience the true village life of the 21st century. Right next to the Margalla hills, the village dates back to the Mughal-times and comprises of a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurdwara. The amazing heritage site showcases the perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyle.

Margalla Hills

This spot is a perfect destination for travelers and adventurers. To get a perfect view of Islamabad city, you have to treat yourself with a hiking plan up the margalla hills. There are different restaurants, view points and nature trails that come together to give you a complete experience. The gaming industry is also growing in Islamabad. This is very exciting for men plus they can earn extra money. The Slotogate platform allows everyone to try their skills by playing in casinos online that accept paypal

Pakistan Monument

Pakistan monument another well thought out site when it comes to the architecture and an artistic touch. The structure comprises of four petals representing the four provinces of Pakistan while three smaller petals represent the three territories. The wax museum reflects different prominent figures and historical moments.

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