In fashion design, a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled.

When a fashion designer creates a new garment, whether it’s a dress, suit, blouse, jacket or any other apparel, it needs a master pattern in order to be put into production. Patterns map out the individual pieces to be cut from a length of fabric or other material mechanically or by hand, which are then sewn into the outfit. As a fabric and apparel patternmaker, you will create the master patterns from a designer’s original model, in the different sizes and configurations that are required. You may also lay out and cut the fabric to be sewn.


My specialties is pattern making as I have studied arts and I have a creative mind as well. I have enjoyed draping as student of Fashion Design at University. I teach people about pattern making which focused on basic aspects of costuming. I teach Decorative Arts and Advanced Costume.

I invite people to come and feel elevated in the presence of great beauty, where the senses could look and feel and absorb the meaning of a quality life.

My confidence, as much as my taste, gives me the ability to take control in all the aspects of designs.


I make customize dresses as well, fancy dresses according to the events and gatherings. Formal, Semi Formal, Party Wear. I deal in western cuts as well.