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Ralli: A Patchwork Technique from Pakistan

Sindh has one of the richest cultural and traditional history in Pakistan. The embroidery techniques and motifs have been transferred through generations. Most of these techniques are practiced by the women artisans of different regions in Sindh. This means that there is a whole sector of people and skills that can be empowered to contribute to our economy to a huge extent. 

Ralli is one of the examples of such techniques and has a really rich history. It can be compared with the technique that is used for applique work in a way that this is also a form of patchwork. However, Ralli is done in a way that the stitches used to join the two pieces of fabric are hidden. The geometric pieces of fabric are cut into different shapes of the motifs. These motifs are then attached to the plain fabric to make the design. 

The colors that are used for this technique are mostly vibrant. The stitches are done in-between the two fabrics. Ralli is mostly implemented on quilts, apparels and home décor. The Ralli technique can be found in most households throughout Sindh.   

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