From the dot that forms a line, the blueprint that establishes the base of a structure, symbols that represent the solidarity of a cause, the combination of forms and shapes that trigger emotions; design is always the first step taken towards innovation and change.  The ethical responsibility that resides in a designer’s heart is undeniable. It is never just about the product, its about the message that a particular design transmits and the effect it leaves on human relationships. 

Signature paintings, fashion illustrations, character design, garment design.

Textile products and paintings are my main focus and am always interested in implementation of these techniques into products.

By creating my own images and colorways I get a chance to paint my sought expression. Carving and painting imageries in foil sheets is another interesting piece of art and an area that always gets my attention.

My specialties is pattern making as I have studied arts and I have a creative mind as well. I have enjoyed draping as student of Fashion Design at University. I teach people about pattern making which focused on basic aspects of costuming. I teach Decorative Arts and Advanced Costume.