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Sussi – A Weaving Technique through the Test of Times

There was a time when hand weaving was a celebrated traditional textile technique in Pakistan. With the advent of new technology and machine weaving, we barely see any handlooms anymore. These handlooms can be seen at different festivals like the Lok Mela that happens annually at Lok Virsa, Islamabad. The weavers are seen making the famous off-white yarn or the beautiful quilt (Khais). 

There are only a few areas of Pakistan where some of the weaved fabrics are still celebrated and used in the same way. One of the fabrics that fit this category is called Sussi. The vibrant and breathtaking palette makes this fabric stand out. Sussi was originally created in Sindh and is a really old from of hand spun yarns and is made with threads that are of pure cotton. The fabric is mostly converted into apparels and home décor products and is used very commonly in different areas of Sindh. 

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