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The Language of Art: Beyond the Words we Hear

 “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Well! We couldn’t agree more. There are things that we see and hear and appreciate, but it feels quite amazing when you get to have your own perception of something that you see and everyone else has the liberty to do the same. We went to the recent craft bazaar exhibition that was held at the Hangout space, where we came across the exceptional work of the women of Sir Syed Deaf Association. These ladies had a language more proficient and beautiful than all of us. The purity of their expression and experiences reflected in the pieces they presented. 

Based on different themes and mediums, these paintings truly gave them the freedom of choice and speech in all they want. These ladies also had an amazing sense of community that we need more in our society. They were actually putting in the effort to understand what we wanted to express and were really open about their art. You can see some of the pieces here. 

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