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Walled Cities of Pakistan

In ancient times, cities were protected by building huge walls around them. These walls were meant to protect the inner cities form attacks and other acts of aggression. Most of these walls and settlements were either destroyed or taken down to bring about development. However, in many areas of the world these walls still exist and in most cases, they also have areas and buildings around them that are dated centuries back. 

Just like many other areas of the world, Pakistan also has 5 walled cities that are known. Although we know a lot about the walled city of Lahore that has different masjids, gurdawaras, havelis and the Lahore fort, there is 4 more cities in Pakistan that have walled cities: Hydrabad, Shikarpur, Multan and Peshawar. All of these cities possess beautiful landmarks and architecture that is evident of the diversity and rich history of the Pakistani people and their origin. 

Just like any cultural and heritage site, walled cities can also be differentiated on the basis of how well they are preserved and taken care of. This is why we all know about some of the famous walled cities like the one in Lahore or Peshawar. However, the rest of the sites, that are not known have a history as rich as the famous ones and thus have the potential to promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan and attract tourism. 

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